The significance of rivets and buttons for jeans

Friends who often wear jeans may not be unfamiliar. The most important thing about nails is to make the clothes more beautiful. For example, thicker materials such as jeans, if there is no good material matching, it is easy to give people too single. In my impression, the rivet is small in size, but it has a significant effect on the joints of fabrics.

The first impression of the small rivet is that it has a small body, and most of them live near the pockets of the more conspicuous jeans. Although the small rivet is not as important as the button on the trousers, because the hardware buttons on the trousers are mainly used to fasten the trousers. Compared with the decorations on the whole pair of trousers, its importance is undoubtedly the other none other than. However, the contribution of the small rivet is not small. Not only does it look very similar to the metal button on the trousers, it also shoulders an important mission, because the metal button on the trousers is often covered by the jacket. Stop it, and the only thing that appears in the eyes of the public is the small rivet on the trouser pocket. Because all aspects of its quality can intuitively give people a general impression of the whole pair of trousers, so experts will pay attention to the accessories on the clothing, no matter where they appear, they dare not neglect them at all. So it has become a role we embrace for granted.
If you are careful, have you noticed that there is a large hardware button on the top of our jeans, and there are several small hardware buttons on the bottom of the trousers, that is, on the left and right sides of the pocket opening and the left and right positions of the back pocket. The rivet, and it is almost the same in shape, color, style and buttons on the trousers, which can be called a perfect match. And this combination is even more evident in our denim clothing.