The development trend of the garment industry is closely related to the prospect of the button indus

We who are in the clothing accessories - buttons industry will pay more attention to the clothing industry than ordinary people, because the sales volume and fashion trends of the clothing industry are closely related to the development prospects of our clothing accessories - buttons industry! Shenzhen Asia Button Hardware & Plastic Co., Ltd. has been in the button industry for 17 years, and made an exclusive analysis and opinion on the development trend of my country's clothing industry!

We often say: "People's life is inseparable from "clothing, food, housing, transportation"" "clothing" is ranked first, which shows that "clothing" is more important. In modern life, clothing is no longer just a tool to cover the body, but more to dress up and enrich life. From this point of view, at present, clothing has risen from material culture to spiritual culture. In a sense, this will play an important role in promoting the development of the clothing industry, which is also related to the future development direction of our button industry. ! Our buttons should also achieve "fashion popularization and brand effect" in the essence of pursuing quality. From the development of the clothing industry to the button industry, we believe that the prospects of both are very considerable. The combination of the two not only satisfies It not only meets the increasingly rich needs of the people, but also makes a great contribution to the development of the country's economy!