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About US
Belt Buckle

Who are we? We are Weihua Industrial Limited/AB Asiabutton, and we have production facilities in China – Tangxia / Dongguan and although it is not the biggest in China, we may pride ourselves as a medium sized button factory with a total of 160 employees.We are a privately-owned business with no shareholders and thus, there’s virtually no bureaucracy. Decisions get made fast. This is very important in today business environment as lead time on button delivery is getting lesser. Experience Weihua Industrial Limited/AB Asiabutton isn’t a new kid on the block. It’s been around since 2003 and founded by Mr. Lu Shaoheng. Unlike other companies, we have not diversified and has remained true and faithful to its core business, which is metal buttons/accessories. Because of our extensive experience and intense focus, we have gotten good at wh ...

Arraytitle Arraytitle Arraytitle Arraytitle Arraytitle Arraytitle 391# 14MM BRASS CAP GERMANY SNAP BUTTON 40*6.8mm Long Bar Snap Button 22mm Korea Butterfly  Alloy Sew On Snap 22mm Korea Mume Flower Sew On Snap Button 5*5*12MM ALLOY STOPPER 10mm Alloy Flat Cap Sew On Button