• What should I do if the jeans are buttoned down? Rubber core I-shaped button can be solved perfectly!
    What should I do if the jeans are buttoned down? Rubber core I-shaped button can be solved perfectly!
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    The buttons on the jeans are broken, what should I do? If it happens to be in a button factory or a clothing factory, then it‘s easy to fix it, and you can bind it on the button machine by yourself; then how do we deal with it in our daily life? In general, there are eye buttons. If the button is dropped, find an alternative to sew up with a thread. For denim buttons, because the structure is different from the general eye button, the binding method is not stitched. Most people encounter a cowboy button that is broken or broken. I really don‘t know who to look for. If you like a pair of jeans, you can‘t just throw it away because of a button?
    I found that many people‘s jeans now have buttons off. I do n’t know what to do without tools. Now Asia Button Hardware & Plastic Factory is here to give you some tips for binding jeans.
     Let‘s first understand the structure and composition of the denim buttons, as shown below: 1 set of denim buttons are composed of the upper button (A piece) and the lower nail (B piece), and the button is composed of the button face + Button bottom composition, if divided from the bottom of the button, it can be divided into movable buttons, rubber core buttons, single insert or double insert buttons.
    Knowing the basic structure of jeans buttons, the jeans button assembly is actually quite simple. We put the fabric between the button and the nail and hit it hard to push the nail into the bottom of the button so that the button is firmly nailed to the cloth. Generally, when a garment factory assembles buttons on clothing in batches, there will be matching punching and related assembly button machinery to complete this step. For us personally, there are no such tools. What should we do? It‘s actually very simple, the method is:
    The easiest way is to find the relevant person to go to the market or the place where the clothing is concentrated. Look for those small shops that repair shoes or sew up clothes. Some dry cleaners also have this service. Generally, they will have such buttons and can Help you nail it up. But the quality and style of the buttons are generally not good. So you can also buy beautiful cowboy buttons first and then go to the place where the buttons can be nailed.
    If you ca n’t find a place to change jeans buttons like this, you can also do it yourself. You have to find the replacement jeans buttons first. Now the place where the buttons are retailed is almost gone and it ’s hard to find. The simplest way is to go to Taobao.com Taobao, Taobao generally sells retail buttons, and the quality of the style is good (but the postage is more expensive than the buttons if you buy 1 or 2, if it is cheap clothing, it is OK). First place the button face down on the table, and then spread the position of the button on the clothes flat on the button feet (note that the position is correct, and the outside of the clothes is close to the bottom of the button), then take the nails (commonly known as aluminum feet) ), Point the bottom of the button to the bottom of the button with a hammer and point it completely into the bottom of the button. Attention, strong and easy to break the button.
    A pair of jeans that you really like to put on the shelf, and you can wear them again. It ’s very fulfilling.
    It is explained here that the rubber core button has the rubber ring inside, which is the easiest to tighten. It is recommended that you choose a rubber core button. If the cowboy button is broken, you can use pliers or scissors to cut off the aluminum feet inside the clothes to remove the whole button, and then nail the button.
    If you feel that the denim buttons on your clothes are not good-looking, you may wish to use the above method to change your favorite denim buttons to your clothes. A slight change can give people a fresh look.