• Introduction and inspection standard of high-precision 65 copper buttons
    Introduction and inspection standard of high-precision 65 copper buttons
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    High-precision copper strip: refers to various technical specifications (such as chemical composition, thickness deviation, shape and surface quality) and physical properties (generally including tension, hardness, and bending force) that meet higher accuracy requirements ‘and meet the directors‘ belief Copper strips required by the national standard (GB) of the product (high-grade) or (commercial-grade).

    1.High-precision zinc white copper strip
    BZn15-20 (C7541) BZn18-18 (C7521) BZn18-20 (C7521) BZn18-10 (C7351) BZn18-26 (C7701)
    White copper alloy is an alloy containing copper-nickel alloy and zinc in different proportions, but does not contain silver. "Silver white" refers to the color of the alloy. Zinc white copper plate and strip is bright silver white, with good processability, magnetic shielding, corrosion resistance and high elasticity.
    The Group‘s high-precision zinc-copper copper strips are widely used in crystal resonator housings, mobile phone shields, glasses frames, optical instruments, silverware, jewelry, zippers and keys, musical instruments and coins.
    2.High-precision lead frame, LED lead and copper tape for IC lead frame
    QFe0.1 (XYK-1 / C1921 / KFC) QFe2.5 (XYK-4 / C194);
    Three different types of alloys make up three main series of copper strips for lead frames: copper-iron-phosphorus alloys, copper-nickel-silicon alloys, and copper-chromium-zirconium alloys. Copper tape for high-precision lead frames has high electrical and thermal conductivity, high strength and corrosion resistance. C194 and KFC are the two most representative and commonly used copper-iron-phosphorus alloys.
    Copper tape for high-precision lead frames is the basic raw material for manufacturing integrated circuits, semiconductor discrete devices and LED lead frames. It is mainly used for integrated circuits, large and medium power tubes, light-emitting diodes and transistors.

    3.High-precision brass strip
    H62 (C2800) H63 (C2720) H65 (C2680) H68 (C2620) H70 (C2600);
    Brass is a copper alloy containing copper and zinc, which is the most widely used high-precision copper alloy. Brass has excellent mechanical properties, physical properties, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance.
    High-precision brass plates and strips are widely used in connectors and accessories of electronics, telecommunications equipment and household appliances, interior decoration, clothing decoration parts, water tanks for vehicles, batteries and detonator caps.
    4.High-precision tin-phosphor blue strip
    QSn4.0-0.3 (C5100C5101C5102C5111)) QSn6.5-0.1 (C5191) QSn8.0-0.3 (C5210)
    High precision tin phosphor bronze (or tin bronze) is an alloy containing copper, tin and phosphorus. Adding tin can increase the corrosion resistance and strength of the alloy; phosphorus is used as an oxygen scavenger during smelting, and can increase wear resistance, hardness, flowability and processability.
    High-precision tin-phosphorus bronze strip has good elasticity, high strength and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in electronic device parts, telecommunications equipment connectors, wear-resistant parts and anti-magnetic parts of precision instruments and meters, automotive parts and machinery. Electrical components, etc. High precision tin phosphor bronze strip is an economic and most commonly used high precision elastic copper alloy material.

    5.High precision beryllium bronze strip
    QBe2 (C17200) QBe1.7 (C17000) QBe0.4-1.8 ((C17510).
    High-precision beryllium bronze strip is a wrought and castable alloy. It is a copper-based alloy with aging precipitation strengthening. After quenching and aging treatment, it has high strength, hardness, and elastic limit, and has good stability, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. , Fatigue resistance, low temperature resistance, non-magnetic, good electrical and thermal conductivity, no sparks when impacted and a series of advantages. Beryllium copper materials are basically divided into high-strength and high-elasticity beryllium copper alloys (with a beryllium content of 1.6% -2.1%) and high-conductivity copper-beryllium alloys (with a beryllium content of 0.2% -0.7%).
    High-precision beryllium bronze tape is used in the irreplaceable elastic component materials in the electronics, aerospace, aviation, and weapon industries. It is used to manufacture elastic components for important components, various wear-resistant parts, and bearings, liners that work at high speed, high pressure, and high temperature. Sets; top instrument parts, diaphragms, capsules, bellows, contact bridges, micro switches; biomedical, navigation instrument magnetic sensor shells, seismometers, ultrasonic vibration energy detector springs; and chemical, mining and oil refinery Safety tools that do not generate sparks and various deep-drawn parts

    6. High-precision copper belt T2 (C1100)
    High-precision copper strip is a kind of metal with rose red surface, also known as pure copper or red copper. The copper strip is not necessarily completely pure copper. It contains 99.9% of copper and sometimes adds a small amount of deoxidizing elements or other elements. Improve material and performance, make it have higher thermoelectric conductivity, processability, ductility, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.
    High-precision copper strips are mainly used to produce electrical equipment such as generators, bus bars, cables, switchgears, transformers, and heat transfer equipment such as heat exchangers, pipes, and flat-plate collectors for solar heating devices.

    7. Three main series of copper strips for lead frames: copper-iron-phosphorus alloy, copper-nickel-silicon alloy and copper-ming zirconium alloy. C7025 is a representative type of copper-nickel-silicon alloy. C7025 and C194 are both high-strength and high-performance copper alloys. Especially in the final stage of the alloy manufacturing process, the temperature aging treatment is applied. This effect is like rolling again, making the material more rigid and strong, while increasing the conductivity and elongation, which is even more conducive to the trend of thinning electronic materials. The most famous CORSON alloy is C7025. Ideally suited for automotive terminal and IC leadframe materials.