• Introduction of rivets
    Introduction of rivets
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    Most of the rivets are located around the pocket of the more prominent jeans. Although it is not as important as the button on the trousers, the hardware buttons on the trousers are mainly used to fasten the trousers. Compared with the decoration on the whole pants, its importance is undoubtedly more important. Genus.
    However, it is not easy to hit the nail. It not only looks like the hardware buttons on the trousers in all aspects, but also carries an important mission, because the hardware button on the trousers is often covered by the shirt. , And the only thing that appeared in the eyes of the public was the nail on the trousers pocket. Because all aspects of its quality can intuitively give a rough impression of the entire pair of pants, the insider will pay attention to the accessories on the clothing, no matter where they appear, they dare not be indifferent. So it also becomes a role we take for granted.

    I wonder if you have noticed that there is a large hardware button on the head of our jeans, and there are a few small pieces of hardware under the trousers, that is, the left and right pockets and the back pocket. The nail is almost the same in shape, color, style and buttons on the trousers, which is a perfect match. And this combination is even more visible in our denim clothing.
    Because of the matching and decoration of the nails, we can make our clothes so beautiful and perfect. I don‘t know how many people have spent their minds to think of the coup. In fact, everything big and small is the same, because when it is matched with another thing, the combination can be more perfect and the value can be displayed.