• Button salt spray test
    Button salt spray test
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    Quality testing is an indispensable step in the production process of buttons. Raw material testing, button testing, tensile testing, salt spray testing, color fastness testing, and color difference testing. Every product that goes out of the button must go through dozens of channels The quality inspection can perfectly pass the current harsh quality certifications and win the trust and recognition of major customers and manufacturers.

    Most of the buttons in the middle and high-end clothing must pass the salt fog test. The so-called salt fog test refers to a type of artificial simulated salt fog environment created by the salt fog test equipment to test the alloy foot button. Or the environmental test of the alloy‘s corrosion resistance. It is mainly divided into two ways: natural exposure salt spray detection and artificial accelerated salt spray detection. The factory mainly uses more demanding manual accelerated salt spray testing. The testing workshop is equipped with a professional salt spray test chamber. The salt spray environment is artificially manufactured in a closed container. The concentration of salt spray is several times to dozens of times higher than the natural environment. Accelerates the corrosion rate, shortens the corrosion process that may take one year in natural environments to 24 hours, and greatly saves inspection time. The test results will be described in terms of the characteristics of the corrosives, the percentage of the corroded area, the rate of corrosion, and the increase or decrease in the weight of the corrosion. Multiple methods are performed at the same time to greatly ensure the accuracy of the test. The test data will be measured in accordance with international common methods, and all non-compliant product batches will be discarded to ensure that each alloy foot button delivered to the customer is the best button!