• Introduction and inspection standard of corn eye button
    Introduction and inspection standard of corn eye button
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    Eye-eye (Steam Eye) Buttons: Generally also called corn-eye and air-eye, mainly used for clothing, bags, handbags, belts, shoes, packaging and other supplies. The products are generally produced with 62 # copper or 65 # copper, and can also be produced with iron or stainless steel, usually used in conjunction with mesons / gaskets. The surface of the product can be electroplated in different colors, such as green bronze, lak color, deep kerat, light kerat, red bronze, etc. Can also be processed by injection, silk screen, laser, etc., styles can be bilateral / pressure, unilateral, oval, heart-shaped, etc.

    Eyelet Button Inspection Standard
    1. Inspect the metal surface of the corns for scratches, oil stains, and deformation.
    2. In the case of electroplated corns, check whether the electroplating color is correct, whether there is mutual adhesion and deplating.
    3. Try to play a few tablets with the matching die to see if it can be used normally, whether there is cracking, deformation, etc.