• Shenzhen Sihe buckle definition
    Shenzhen Sihe buckle definition
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    Definition of four-button
    The four-button is a kind of button, commonly known as spring buckle and sewing button. The four-in-one button is combined with S-type springs and is divided into four parts of ABCD from top to bottom: the AB piece is called the female buckle, the wide side can be engraved, the middle has a hole, and there are two parallel springs on the side; CD piece It is called the male buckle, and a dot is protruded in the middle. The dot is pressed into the hole of the female buckle and clamped by the spring to generate the opening and closing force to fix the clothes.
    Four-button classification
    According to the style, the four-button is generally divided into: big white buckle, fish eye buckle, plastic four-button buckle, plastic four-button buckle, with diamond four-button buckle.
    According to the button face, the four-button is generally divided into: smooth four-button, flower-faced four-button, with diamond four-button, fisheye buckle and so on.
    According to the material, the four-button is generally divided into: metal four-button, resin four-button (also known as plastic four-button), plastic four-button.
    However, if there is no special explanation, it is only called a four-button buckle, which is generally referred to as a metal snap button.

    Model of the four-button
    The next three pieces of matching instructions
    The model of the four-button is determined by the size of the next three pieces, and the commonly used models are 655, 633, 831.
    The three pieces of BCD are generally called "the next three pieces", and the face of the four-button (A piece) can be changed at will, but the next three pieces generally have their general rules.

    Three pieces of 655 models can be used with face buckles with a diameter of 10mm or more;
    Three pieces of 633 models can be used with face buckles with a diameter of 11-15mm;
    Three pieces of the 831 model can be used with face buckles with a diameter of 15mm or more.