• Exquisite and high-grade button and four-button production process
    Exquisite and high-grade button and four-button production process
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    A small button, a complicated process, if only to be shaped, as long as the machine, raw materials, the mold will continue to produce embryos, but it is far from meeting the needs of customers. . A well-made button can be visualized from the color, texture and weight. Imagine a gray-faced button sewn on a boutique casual shirt. Therefore, the refined products must go through a series of follow-up processes to make the buttons more "on the mirror".

    Polishing - The process of cutting the surface of a metal part by the rotation of a special abrasive wheel (or belt) with abrasive. Polishing can remove various macro defects such as burrs, rust, scratches, welds, welds, sand holes, oxide scales, etc. on the surface of the parts to improve the flatness and plating quality of the parts.
    Electroplating - A method of laying a layer of metal on a conductor using the principle of electrolysis. A surface processing method for forming a plating layer by depositing a pre-plated metal cation in a plating solution on a surface of a base metal by electrolysis. The button uses an electroplating process that makes the surface very bright.
    After that, there will be trusses, oil spray, painting and so on. It can be said that a seemingly simple metal button is actually very complicated in its entire production process, and it must be ensured that every link can not be leaked, otherwise the button can only be scrapped.

    High-grade buttons are not only complicated to make, but also transported out after the finished product. The packaging is also very particular. Ordinary roll-on button, only need a large plastic bag, then blanched, taped, can be sent out. However, high-end buttons can‘t be like this, because it is necessary to prevent the collision between the buttons to wipe the surface, so they must be placed separately. In the past, the more commonly used packaging was to separate each metal button with a method of kneading candy. In the past few years, the more common packaging method is to use a blister plate, and the buttons are arranged in a transparent shape. In the plastic tray, a transparent plastic film is attached to the top, so that the packaging is more intuitive, convenient and beautiful. This kind of packaging method can better cushion the collision and avoid the collision of the wear button in the middle of transportation.
    Other metal products, such as work-type buttons, pull cards, rivets, brooches, etc., are also packaged in different ways. Although it sounds cumbersome, these steps are essential to maximize the quality of the product.