• Five-prong, five-paw, metal five-prong button advantages and installation instructions
    Five-prong, five-paw, metal five-prong button advantages and installation instructions
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    TS five-prong buckle is also called five-prong button, four-piece button, also known as claw button, which means five-claw button. It is not only beautiful and elegant, but also can engrave various exquisite patterns and brand trademarks on the buckle surface. In addition to the use of a variety of surface treatments, it can adapt to a variety of color fabrics, especially for children‘s clothing.

    The main material of the five-prong buckle is copper (62 copper, 65 copper, 68 copper), which utilizes the elastic characteristics of the brass belt to realize the function of riveting and fastening. The product needs to be fixed on the clothing by means of the method of knocking the nail. There are also a small number of iron five-prong buckles.



    A. Good material properties

        The five-prong buckle is made of brass strip with good wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance and excellent elastic properties. It is stamped and formed to ensure normal locking and opening and closing functions.

    B. Various styles and rich colors

        It can emboss various exquisite patterns, high-grade signs and trademarks on the surface of fasteners, and various color surface treatments can adapt to the matching needs of various colored garments.

    C. Universal interchangeability is good

        Due to the unique mold processing technology and inspection method, the mating surface size of the female snap fastener is strictly controlled to ensure the interchangeability of the female snap fastener.

    D. The binding is firm and convenient. The lock is easy to open and close.

    E. Strong corrosion resistance

        After 2 hours of neutral salt spray test, it can reach level 2, and it is suitable for washing and ironing in chemical water. After electroplating, after a neutral salt spray test, the GB5944 rating is not lower than 6 after 24 hours.


    F. High temperature resistance and high pressure resistance

        The garment maintains its original performance after washing in any washing machine. It can withstand boiling water of 100 °C and long-term soaking and high-temperature ironing in the pressure cooker without fading or deformation.



    The five-prong buckle installation tool can be streamlined. First, it does not require punching punches. The sharp claws can be worn directly from the front to the back. The tool it uses can be used with the four-button, which only needs to have a hole punch tool. After putting the other half on the claw, use the same tool to hit the two parts for fixing.

    The five-pronged button and the four-pronged button are made up of four parts. Two of them are the same, that is, two small iron rings with claws, which are fixed by the five claws to the other side. Because the claws of the five-pronged buckle are short, they are not suitable for too thick positions, but they are lighter than the four-button. Generally, the summer or children‘s clothing or thin small bag can be used as a fastener with a five-prong buckle.

    But generally we are not likely to install the five-prong buckle, the following describes the installation method of the five-prong buckle:

    Some parts of the five-prong buckle are difficult to distinguish between the front and the back. They are not visible at all. If you look closely, the inner edge of the front is relatively flat, and the back has a groove. This is the groove that is to be engaged with the claw. Can be fixed. This must be noted before installation.

    This is the installation method of the five-prong buckle. Only the buttons and the clothing are combined with each other to complement each other to maximize their charm.